nedelja, 04. maj 2014

Weeks 18 and 17

  The Science Museum in London - I find this sign comforting and funny.

This one is from Hyde Park - and it makes me laugh whenever I look at the photo.

Yellow flowers and lots of green is a wonderful sign of  happy times - spring and summer.

To have lots and lots of questions and almost no answers is a sign of our times. (Science Museum in London)

When I see this and the wonderful window display of cakes I want to go inside and order quite a few things.

A fantastic pub sign from Greenwich. There are lots of exceptional sign in the old centre of the  town where I work but I never have time to just stroll and take photos. 

These are the road signs opposite my study window.


This is the most frequently visited tourist place in Slovenia - Bled. You can see the lake, the island with the church in the middle of the lake (right) and the cliff with a castle (left). We went there for my birthday at the end of March. The photo also counts as the view of my family  and my favourite spring outfit - the red cardigan. 

It was holiday time last week but the weather was  awful. The photo is really bad - it was meant to show the dark grey sky.

That's our favourite meal for Easter. It is a speciality from my husband's region made from bread, eggs and meat. We eat it with horseradish.

Due to bad weather and lack of time nothing much is going on in my garden.

The views from my window - the road is still being built.

Tomorrow is the start of two crazy months and I will do my best to publish something at least from time to time. Have a nice May,