nedelja, 24. avgust 2014

Week 34 - paper

                                    Some cards made last year waiting to be given to someone.

The card I made yesterday for my niece's one-year-old son. I saw him for the first time today.

I decorated this box for my eldest daughter who loves such gifts - it is full of sweets and chocolates.

The Christmas papers in the bucket will be used quite soon and there are wonderful posters in the red box - waiting to be put on an appropriate wall, if I ever find one.

This is part of my collection of patterned paper - I don't buy it any more, the stock will last for several years. 

I go back to work tomorrow but my head is still in the clouds, waiting for proper hot weather and summer. It will be a long week but then the time will fly as always. 

Have a lovely week,

torek, 12. avgust 2014

Weeks 33-29

At the beginning of July I was sure I wouldn't miss a weekly post during the summer. It didn't happen though - I think I really needed a total break with no thinking, no writing, no sitting at the computer desk. So once again I have to catch up with the last five weeks.

WEEK 33 - skies

The photos were taken today and they tell everything about this summer - lots of rain, cold, almost no sunshine.

WEEK 32 - world war I

Can you believe that my father (not grandfather!) was born during WW I ? His father fought for the Austro-Hungarian monarchy somewhere along the border between today's Austria and Italy. My father would be 100 next year and the brother after him was born after WW I.

WEEK 31 - summer our and about

We rented an apartment in Croatia again (the island Krk). Wasn't our view wonderful?

WEEK 30 - summer's views

                                                                  my beautiful garden

I'm extremely proud of my beans  - they are normal and healthy for the first time in years.

To kick off the summer I made some cakepops and they were delicious.

WEEK 29 - numbers

                                                                 three pairs of feet

                                                      one gorgeous flower with one insect

                               Ninety-nine roots waiting to be taken away so that the anti-flood wall can be built.

A sudden flood on 12th July - it took two fire engines, one bulldozer and lots of fire fighters to rescue the building site machines from the water.

Have a wonderful week,