torek, 12. avgust 2014

Weeks 33-29

At the beginning of July I was sure I wouldn't miss a weekly post during the summer. It didn't happen though - I think I really needed a total break with no thinking, no writing, no sitting at the computer desk. So once again I have to catch up with the last five weeks.

WEEK 33 - skies

The photos were taken today and they tell everything about this summer - lots of rain, cold, almost no sunshine.

WEEK 32 - world war I

Can you believe that my father (not grandfather!) was born during WW I ? His father fought for the Austro-Hungarian monarchy somewhere along the border between today's Austria and Italy. My father would be 100 next year and the brother after him was born after WW I.

WEEK 31 - summer our and about

We rented an apartment in Croatia again (the island Krk). Wasn't our view wonderful?

WEEK 30 - summer's views

                                                                  my beautiful garden

I'm extremely proud of my beans  - they are normal and healthy for the first time in years.

To kick off the summer I made some cakepops and they were delicious.

WEEK 29 - numbers

                                                                 three pairs of feet

                                                      one gorgeous flower with one insect

                               Ninety-nine roots waiting to be taken away so that the anti-flood wall can be built.

A sudden flood on 12th July - it took two fire engines, one bulldozer and lots of fire fighters to rescue the building site machines from the water.

Have a wonderful week,

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  1. Wow, you really caught up! Great pictures Kristina!

  2. What lovely lovely photos, Kristina. It is brilliant to see you posting again. I've missed you.

  3. Hi Kristina, lovely catch up.. always nice to see you again, and we all have busy lives, but it is nice when we can pop in and say hi! xx Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer break from school.