sreda, 17. september 2014

WEEKS 38-35

Week 38 - up down

Rather than going out into the mud around my house and taking a photo "up" I am reversing the direction. I've taken lots of photos from "up" down - there is so much going on around here. Constant rain and floods and the big changes as our river is being "tamed" by huge walls. The photo was taken from my bedroom last Saturday when the workers had to rescue two bulldozers due to high water levels.

Week 37 - autumn

The summer that hasn't come yet has already gone. How absurd and depressing is that?

Week 36 - boxes

Most of these boxes are empty  as the project of reorganizing my polymer craft supplies has been going on for several years. In spite of the bad feeling because of my procrastinating  I love the look of the rainbow shelves and of the plain boxes.

Week 35 - travel tales

My travel dreams are limited by lack of money and time but one day I'll take my car and disappear to the south of France for a long time. There are so many villages and towns to explore - that is my dream destination. The town in the photo is called Carcassonne - I last visited it in 2010. It's awesome.

I am so busy at the moment that I can't remember even the word holidays. My timetable is horrible. From time to time I read your posts but I have no energy to comment. I was so happy when I saw that Viv met Borqna. If any of you decide to come to Slovenia I promise I will find enough time to show you my country. I wish you a very colourful and happy autumn.