torek, 28. oktober 2014

Weeks 44-39

WEEK 44 - view

The wall behind our house is finished and we are so happy...

... especially as there was a terrible flood last week and we survived without damage. Without the wall it would have been very different - it was a catastrophe for the rest of the valley. I couldn't go to work because the main road was flooded for several hours which hasn't happened for a long long time. The photo was taken about 5 hours after the worst (which was at 4 am).

WEEK 43 - time out

The only time out I take these days is some time to crochet. Luckily the girls sometimes have a good day and prepare wonderful desserts.

WEEK 42 - paintings around me

One of my best friends gave me a new painting for my staircase. Gggrh when will we find the time to put up a rail from Ikea so that I can hang lots of pictures and ornaments and change them every season?

WEEK 41 - liquid refreshment

I have no photos of liquid refreshments, so there is another one of the yummy chocolate pralinés by my daughter.

WEEK 40 - food

I went to two parties in less than a week - my nephew's 40th birthday and my neighbour's 50th. There was too much delicious food. This is my nephew's "sacher" cake.

WEEK 39 - shoes

I can't believe it - but I bought two new pairs of shoes a few weeks ago. The only suitable shoes to wear around here are wellingtons - we can't wait to get rid of the mud around the house.

I am really enjoying my holiday this week, needless to say that time is flying even faster than usually. i hope you are all well. If I carry on in this manner my next post will be just before Christmas - although I really hope not. 
All the best,