torek, 30. december 2014

December photo advent-ure and weeks 48-45

Long time no see, dear friends!
To take a decent leave of 2014 I somehow managed to make some photos for this last post in our Lucky7s challenge.


3. Pine cones on my cards were blue, violet and orange this year.

4. + 15. The only indoor lights are part of our nativity scene. 

6. This were our Christmas drinks - yummy cocktail chocolates found on special offer.

8. Our Christmas tree - the first 2015 resolution is to make enough knitted balls for the whole tree so that I'll be able to make a snowflake garland.

11. Reindeer - a gift from IKEA :-D.

16. Candles decorated with washi tape waiting to be used during the holidays.

17. There was a lot of glitter on my cards this year which is something new - I used to hate glitter. Am I really (really) getting old or what?

18. +19. Wrapping paper and presents ready to deliver - we had two important birthdays in December. This is our 2nd daughter on her 20th just before Christmas and our 3rd was 18 on December 6th.

20. the 2014 pile of Christmas cards

21. lots and lots of food and cake preparation every day

23. my favourite decoration - angels handmade by me about 15 years ago

24. Christmas weather - It was warm, rainy and green, but just after Christmas it started to snow so it's a white Christmas in fact which is just lovely.

31. A big blanket that I made in 2014 (Moogly crochet - a - long) is my favourite thing right now or to be precise - my favourite place is under the blanket with a book or some knitting. 


from up there a wonderful view of the garden

WEEK 47-46 - shops
I love craft shops and bookshops - but Kindle store is one of my favourites at the moment.

WEEK 45 - letters
letters bought for cards or scrapbooking but not yet used

So this is my third year-long challenge finished. I think it was the hardest to complete because I was really often extremely tired and had way too little energy to finish everyday chores let alone do anything creative. Let's hope the new year brings a fresh new start.
Thank you for reading this blog! 
I wish you a very happy and peaceful new year!!!